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Arbiter Universe
5 min readJun 20, 2021


The mission of Arbiter Universe is to become a central place for Harmony Protocol and rewarding the best of the best in their fields such as; best Dexes, NFTs, GUILDs, QUESTs, HEROs and so on. Arbiter Universe community members will know what is trending and popular, what other GUILDs have been up to and get rewarded for holding and participation in the platform.


The name Arbiter is defined as “a person who has the sole or absolute power of judging or determining”. In our universe, this person is the community which holds the platform’s ARB tokens. Community gets to decide which tokens to purchase, which NFT to nominate as the best of the day, week, month etc and also hold votes on anything that might be the matter of interest at the time.


We have a vision of bringing the Harmony Protocol community together and strive to make projects work in real harmony. The ideal Arbiter Universe is independent and completely powered by its community. It is a free platform for everyone to bring their tokens, NFTs, QUESTs, or anything else they feel like bringing whether it is present on Harmony network or not. Creating friendly competitions, encouraging participation, helping those in need and bringing wealth and prosperity to Loot and Harmony ecosystem through rewards and increased adoption.


The purpose of this GUILD is to reward the Harmony ecosystem and its community. There will be yield farming, games, votes, friendly competition; winners of which will be rewarded in ARB tokens. Arbiter Universe is designed to bring every GUILD, QUEST or HERO together by creating a friendly environment. It is a reference point for the community.

We will have a platform for playing games, writing reviews about other projects, participating in ARB LOTTO, NFT display area and more.


The governing token of Arbiter Universe will be the $ARB token. It will be used for rewards, engagement and voting power. There will only be a maximum circulating supply of 88,888,888 ARB tokens in AU. We chose this number because number 8 represents good fortune and wealth in many cultures and believe that this will be true for ARB holders over time as well.

Quest Pools:

For the first 30 days minimum, we will be utilizing the High Loot Council to manage our Quests. We will follow a slightly different approach for our tokenomics plan than LootSwap. The initial pools at launch will be as follows

With ARB’s value dependent on LOOT, we’re keeping our flagship quest paired with LOOT and equally with ONE to appreciate value. LOOTers interested in supporting Arbiter Universe’s vision will be able to acquire ARB tokens through single staking LOOT in a future update as well.

AU Treasuries


Approximate launch date is in August 2021.

Rewards Emissions

We will be shifting emission schedules every 8 days. The base emission is 1ARB/block.

All Arbiter Universe rewards will unlocked. That means all earned ARB rewards will be available upon earning. The base emission rate is 1ARB/Block and we’ll be shifting from x8 multipliers to x1 multipliers every 8 days. There will be a 2% deposit fee for all farms when staking. To prevent sell pressure, AU’s withdrawal fees will follow the same structure as LootSwap’s implemented formula.


We’ll have a minting cap of 8,888,888 tokens and will pre-mint them all, peg them with LOOT tokens and burn the LP tokens. There is no founder’s fund. No possible rug-pull for ARB guild. All the treasuries will be placed in multisig contracts. ARB prides itself in being a 100% community aligned project that works for the betterment of the LootSwap/Harmony Protocol ecosystem.

Following this, 10% of Tokens have been minted for initial liquidity and single staking rewards on Lootswap. Of these initial minted tokens, 90% of it (7,999,999.2) have been paired with Loot and the LP is burned. Transactions below:

07/07/2021. Adding 500,000 LOOT paired with 7999999.2 ARB Tokens

07/07/2021: ARB LP Tokens Burning LOOT<>ARB LP Tokens

And the remaining 10% (888,888.8) is sent to Loot Marketing Treasury to be used for Single Staking Rewards.

07/07/2021 Sent 888,888.8 ARB tokens to the Loot Marketing Treasury (Single Staking Rewards)


Arbiter Universe will utilize 4 treasuries that will consist of 20% of the tokens minted.

5% of the tokens minted for Arbiter’s Development.

5% of the tokens minted for Arbiter’s Marketing and Community Lead Efforts.

5% of the tokens minted for the High Loot Council (suggested LOOT tokens buy back/Burns).

5% of the tokens minted for Guild Competitions and partnerships.

Future Plans

  • Arb Lotto — Stake your Arb tokens to open boxes for various gifts
  • Single Staking
  • Character Building — Build your fantasy character by purchasing unique NFTs like body armor, swords, costumes etc.

Guild Grants

Arbiter Universe Guild has been afforded 3 Guild Grants. As a community, we will take time to scout out the best projects to incorporate and propose them to the High Loot Council (HLC) for approval. Our intent is to do the following:

  • Pre-screen and work with potential candidates on their guild proposals to set a standard for safety protocols to minimize risk of rugpull.
  • Continue to work with potential candidates if necessary for corrections
  • Submit proposals to the High Loot Council/LOOTers for finalized guild approval
  • Continue to critique and work with guilds to improve their standing in the LootSwap ecosystem and the Harmony Protocol

Editors note: LootSwap is an evolving platform. We believe in both LootSwap and the Harmony Protocol. At Arbiter’s Guild, there will be changes and improvements as we strive to build a supporting platform to help launchpad great ideas into the LootSwap ecosystem. At its core, the Arbiter’s Guild is seeking to be hands-on with other Guilds so they can have the highest success in LootSwap and the Harmony Protocol. If we do this well, we will win the support of the LOOTers and gain more trust and responsibilities to help have a positive impact on the ecosystem.

More information to follow.

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